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With Modern Mystics
Suzy Cherub and Robyn Ridley
Saturday 3rd August 2024

Gather with our soulful community of lightworkers in Wagga Wagga
Wiradjuri Country.

International Hotel,
Cnr of Sturt Highway and Lake Albert Road, Wagga Wagga
Now, more than ever, our modern world is ready for a full unfurling as we begin to hear a call to renew our mystical connection to all that is.
Suzy and Robyn will lead you to embrace your miraculous Mystic within!

Soar into the Mystique with wayshowers Suzy and Robyn 
This luminous full day event and workshop includes:

✧ Together, Suzy and Robyn will explain the Blue Lotus sacred mission, symbology and meaning

✧ Channeled and guided meditation with Robyn Ridley to unfurl your Blue Lotus – intuitive, authentic sensuality and soul voice 

✧ Channeled sacred leadership activation attunement with Suzy Cherub to open Blue Lotus petals and portals of intuition, sacred mysteries and divine purpose 

✧ Inspirational keynote presentations with Suzy and Robyn to fully bloom

✧ LIVE readings and dynamic demonstrations

✧ Vibrant interactive dialogue and mentor Q & A with Suzy and Robyn

✧ Soulful, fun and interactive play to expand your mystical connection

✧ Uplifting, high vibrational and transformational infusion

✧ Beautiful closing – Manifestation Visualisation 

✧ Meet and greet with Suzy and Robyn, author signings and pop-up shop

✧ Surprise giveaways and lucky door prizes

The Invitation/Soul Calling
We invite you to reawaken, embrace and embody your Mystic within! Remember the sacred power of your Inner Mystic, unlock portals of manifestation with your own inborn intuition.

Experience connection with love-hearted community on a profound soul level to ignite your magic!

Emerge and bloom like the everlasting Blue Lotus.  This flower has a euphoric scent and divine essence that activates the crown chakra and higher streams of consciousness and soul-unity.

Fully blossom!

Suzy and Robyn are on a sacred quest to bring the ancient psychic arts and its lasting wisdom into the present world, to unite the ancient with the modern Mysteries!

Ever-evolving, we are all here to lift the vibration of the planet, to arise into divine love, please join us.  Together, in soul-unity we will make miracles happen!
May we suggest you get you get in early as seating is limited

Full Price Ticket - $129

Doors Open 9.30am | Event 10am - 4.00pm | Closing 4.30pm

Lunch break 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Theatre style - sacred space

First in, best dressed

About Suzy Cheru

Suzy Cherub is an international awared-winning psychic medium, published author, speaker and intuitive coach.

In her approach combining intuition, mindfulness and self-awareness, Suzy guides others to live an intuitive and conscious life. Her mission is to help soul centered people create fulfilling relationships and bring a sense of passion, holistic balance and authentic happiness to their lives.

Suzy has helped thousands of people worldwide through her psychic insights and healing messages. Today, Suzy uses her intuitive gifts by empowering and teaching others to develop their own gifts and live a more intuitive, spirited life.


 Suzy Cherub

About Robyn Ridley 

Robyn is a Soul coach, speaker, author, and retreat & workshop facilitator. 

Her Soul purpose is to support women in awakening into their authentic selves.  They will recognise and identify that they are so much more than they could possibly imagine.  Her Soul mate clients are women who are ready to step into and unapologetically be themselves.  She does what she does because she knows how far a woman can move beyond conditioning and limitations.  Her uniqueness is demonstrated by her ability to combine The Mystic with The Goddess and she supports others in doing the same.  

Robyn has been said to be inspiring, sophisticated, wise, nurturing, loving, and having a mother goddess energy (with a bit of an edge).  She demonstrates sensuality, depth, playfulness and vitality and she invites you to embrace these qualities within yourself.

Robyn has previously received a businesswoman of the year award and has supported many women over the years in her mainstream and spirited roles.  She has provided services locally, nationally, and internationally and today Robyn shares her gifts with you and invites you to give yourself the time and space, to return to you.

 Robyn Ridley

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