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Your Body and You 

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 ‘Give yourself permission to move beyond the torment surrounding expectations and social norms. Awaken your own Goddess within.’

Robyn Ridley invites you on a journey to grasp the deeper understanding and meaning behind how a poor relationship with self impacts on self-esteem and the way one views themselves.

In candid and honest reflection, Robyn covers many topics including grief, betrayal, guilt, and shame, and highlighting the pivotal points that changed her life.

Through Embrace Your Essence Robyn discusses strategies to explore and uncover that which may have been hidden and offers techniques which will have you moving beyond old paradigms to a sense of feeling empowered. She also shares contributions from other amazing women that will leave you feeling inspired.

Robyn shares the tools and healing modalities which supported her on her journey. Through her sharing she encourages you to journey inward. It is here where you will meet yourself on your terms and you will be ready to create the inspired life which you seek.


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