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about me

I am an Intuitive Coach, Registered Nurse and a Complementary Therapy Practitioner with a passion for Women's Health and Wellbeing.    I have been working in the health and complementary therapies arena in varying capacities for approximately 25 years and have facilitated many one on one sessions, devised and delivered workshops and organised local, national and international retreats.  I have also been a motivational speaker at many events and am more than happy to liaise with you to meet the needs of you and your community.

Do you like the idea of getting together with like minded women whilst exploring who you are and where you're at.  I share my counselling, intuitive, coaching and facilitation skills to support each and every woman on her journey and ultimately I am here to assist toward empowerment on all levels.


I am passionate about seeing other women rise and shine and being their authentic selves and if I can support you in doing this then I couldn't ask for more.  If you feel called to attend any of our workshops please take the plunge knowing that you will be supported and guided in a safe and nurturing environment.  

Let us work together to meet your needs and allow yourself to soar!


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